Site News: Introductions

So I’m just writing this as a quick introduction to what I plan to do with this site. Over the next year I’m aiming to review at least one piece of gear a month, starting in February anyway as I’m currently on holiday. How achievable this goal is remains to be seen, but I have a bit of gear laying around and plans to acquire some new stuff soon.

Specifically in February you can look forward to a review of the Chord Mojo which I recently picked up as well as its partner in crime, the Poly, a little later. While traveling through Japan I’m intending to pickup a pair of the new Fostex T60-RP headphones and will hopefully have a review of them up by march. After that I’ll see what new stuff I can get my hands on or look at some classics like the Opus #1 or the Sennheiser HD650’s.

If you’re curious about me there’s a quick spiel in the about section, and feel free to contact me using the provided form if there are any unanswered questions keeping you up at night.

Update (6/2/18): My attempts to purchase a Fostex T60RP have failed miserably with it being seemingly out of stock everywhere in Japan…might look at picking up a different planar, I’m thinking the  Audeze LCD2C or a MrSpeakers Aeon.




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